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Top Tips for Moving to London

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Whether you’re moving alone or with a family, moving to a new city like London can be both thrilling and daunting. So if you’ve got your new job lined up, it’s time to start house hunting.

Share or Go Solo

Of course, this is largely determined by whether you’re bringing your family along, but if you’re moving to London alone, you have the choice of whether you share with housemates, or you find somewhere to live alone. I’m sure you’ve heard that London prices can be extortionate, so if you’re going to London alone, then flat-sharing can be the most cost effective, and it will enable you to meet new people quickly and easily. You can find flatmates on various websites and forums online.

Alternatively, take a look at local estate agents that offer area guides and info to help you decide where to live.

If you have plenty of time, book a room over Airbnb or through Couchsurfing and stay with someone who can give you tips about the area.

Choosing Where to Live

It’s a good idea to live somewhere near where you’re working. It might sound okay spending an hour on the tube twice a day, but the reality will be far from different. Ideally, live within a tube line or a bus connection away from your work.  Of course, if your partner is working the other side of town, this may not be an option for you, but try to compromise for a similar commute.

It’s important to do lots of research into the different areas, as they can be quite different from each other. London is really made up of many small towns that all merge into one, so there are different moods and amenities to each one.

Master the Transport System

London is huge, so knowing how to get about is an important part of living there. The underground network is probably the best way to get around, as it is affordable and quick. Buses can be slow, but cheap, and taxis are the most expensive, but they will get you from door to door. You can own a car, but many in London don’t as the city doesn’t offer great driving experiences. If you have a family however, this may be different as you’ll want to be able to transport your family safely.

For the first few months, try to avoid travelling on the tube. Instead walk or use a bus, so you can begin to understand whereabouts you are in relation to the rest of London, and so you can get to know your area.


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