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The Lowest Burglary Rates in the UK

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If you’re thinking about moving to a city in the UK, you may be interested in finding out which areas have the lowest rates of crime.

According to a survey conducted last year, the safest place to live in the UK is Eastbourne. This city was revealed to have the lowest burglary rates in the whole of the UK! Using data from insurance companies, it was proven that the BN23 postcode had the joint lowest incidences of burglaries throughout the country.

Way back in 2006, burglary statistics in Eastbourne were the worst in the whole of Sussex. Since 2007, however, burglary rates had fallen by 39%, more than double the targeted drop of 15%. This was the result of a major project commissioned by Sussex Police, working together with the Community Safety Partnership to catch and convict burglars locally. The Partnership is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment in problem areas.

A similar report focused around London showed that the safest areas of the city in which to live are the boroughs of Kensington, Chelsea, and Wandsworth. However, these rankings were based on other criminal factors as well as burglary, and Kensington and Chelsea rated highly even though burglary levels in those areas are actually relatively high. It just goes to show that you have to really look at data rather than just taking anything at face value!

Investigating the safety of an area before you buy property and move is essential, not only for your personal security and that of your family, but also because it can affect the amount you have to pay for comprehensive home insurance. Houses in areas where burglary is considered a high risk will cost more to insure than houses in relatively risk free areas, so take this into consideration.

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2 responses to “The Lowest Burglary Rates in the UK”

  1. Ian says:

    I would advise checking online to look at the crime stats for your area (and the one you’re thinking of moving to) to figure out the risks. Or, you could get a home insurance quote for the postcode of the area you want to move to. I’ve found the further away I’ve lived from a big city, the cheaper my insurance.

  2. Stephen Davy says:

    That’s a great turn around by Eastbourne in 6 years – Well done to Sussex Police

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