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The Benefits of Choosing New-Build

by Alison Feemantle

Decreasing property prices and incentive driven schemes have left many feeling that new-build might be the answer when it comes to moving home.  More developers are now investing money in new-build properties and are giving a helping hand to first-time buyers and existing homeowners.  If you are looking to move in the near future, there are many benefits to choosing new.

The best thing about buying a new property is that you are the first to live there.  That means you get to choose some of the finer details of the property such as kitchen units, carpets, bathroom fittings, and many other aspects that allow you to put your personal stamp on your new home.  Choosing furniture for a completely new home is an exciting and liberating experience as you have no clashing décor to worry about and you can use your home as a completely blank canvas.  Previously owned properties usually need a large amount of redecoration or revamping.

When you buy a new home you also have a great chance to make it as environmentally friendly as possible and many such features come as standard.  New homes have to satisfy a number of regulations with regards to energy consumption and don’t suffer half as many problems as older properties do.  For example, an older property may lack good quality windows or have problems with the roof.  Both can let heat escape and this means a larger carbon footprint for you not to mention higher heating bills!  Moving to a new home also gives you the chance to review other areas of energy consumption such as appliances.  Spending out on new energy efficient appliances is a smart move that will pay for itself very quickly.

Older properties often require a lot of repairs and renovations.  Indeed you may be up for the job, but many people prefer to move straight into their new home without endless DIY projects threatening to take over every weekend for the foreseeable future.  Moving into a new home means you avoid the hassle of arranging repairs and also the expense.

The housing shortage problem in the UK has made the Government sit up and take notice.  As a result there are many incentives being launched to help existing and first time homeowners to move home and improve the economy.  You will often find new homes are discounted or that developers offer to pay your deposit or your stamp duty.  There are also good mortgage deals offered by lenders working in conjunction with house developers as an incentive to buy.

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