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Invest in the Undiscovered Charm of Bequia

by Sarah Halloran

Property In Grenadines

From the very moment you arrive in the Grenadines, you’ll know that you’re going to experience something a little bit special.  Perhaps it’s the sweet steel drum music that heralds your arrival or maybe the hospitable and generous nature of the people that help you to your holiday destination.  This and the laid back lifestyle, sensational weather, and magnificent scenery will ensure a smile is planted firmly on your face and there it will stay for the remainder of your visit.

One of the things that stays with you after a holiday in the Grenadines is the friendliness of the people.  Nothing is too much trouble and it’s hard not to make some good friends during your stay.  Whether you choose to spend your vacation diving the beautiful crystal clear waters or simply soaking up the sun, you’ll feel your worries wash away within hours of arriving.

Bequia – The Little Big Island

The Grenadines is a Caribbean chain of over 32 islands in the Windward Islands.  The largest of these islands is Bequia which forms part of the country between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  However, Bequia is still a tiny and exclusive island, home to fewer than six thousands inhabitants, and you too will feel at home the moment you set foot on the glistening white sand of this beautiful hideaway.

If you have dreamt of living on the perfect Caribbean island with pristine sandy beaches, an azure blue ocean, and dramatic sunsets, Bequia fulfils these needs and so many more.  Here in Bequia, there are no crowds, no traffic jams and you’ll be hailed with a warm and friendly hello wherever you go.  If you have a love of sailing, the island’s rich heritage and strong connection to the sea ensures you will always find somebody willing to share their marine knowledge and traditions so that you get the most from sailing around the Grenadines.

By day on Bequia, you can experience the real meaning of doing absolutely nothing, but those looking for adventure won’t be disappointed.  Bequia offers so many activities, from chartering your own yacht to kayaking and windsurfing.  Water sports here come into their own on this wonderful island where equipment is in plentiful supply and the waters are safe and tranquil.  Bequia also boasts many art galleries and craft boutiques where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon browsing and perhaps investing in some wonderful souvenirs and items to take back home.

Whatever you choose to do here, you will have the time of your life.  There are no schedules or routines, and you can leave your cares and worries far behind you.  Get to know the island on land or water with relaxing coastal walks along the golden sands, or exhilarating diving, sailing or fishing trips.  If you fancy exploring one of the neighbouring islands, there is always a friendly soul to help you get there.

The warm tropical nights mean nightlife takes on a world of its own.  Sharing cocktails under the stars whilst your seafood banquet is cooked on the barbecue is pure unadulterated bliss.  And then later, you can enjoy a sun downer in one of the many beachside bars as you watch the sun gently sink behind the horizon.

Ssh, Don’t Tell Everybody…

Whilst Bequia is always going to be a popular holiday destination, more and more people are starting to think about property investment on this delightful and pristine island getaway.  Property development on Bequia has taken place on a smaller scale than other islands in the region and as a result the island retains much of its beautiful lush rainforest, dramatic waterfalls and spectacular coastline.  Imagine stepping onto your very own private beach every morning and being the only living soul for miles.  It’s all possible and with properties more affordable than on the more established islands, you might find your investment sooner than you think.

If you are searching for a slower pace of life amidst lush tropical surroundings, then Bequia island life is for you.  Whilst property prices on the Grenadines may have risen in the last three years, they still represent a real bargain when compared to comparative properties on neighbouring islands.

Invest with Confidence

Buying property in the Grenadines is very similar to buying property in the UK and therefore there should be no nasty surprises along the way.   In fact, the only challenge you may face is making a choice between the fabulous properties on offer.

Average Costs:

Buyers Legal Fees – Approximately 1% of the Purchase Price

Stamp Duty – Approximately 5% of the Purchase Price

Land Holding – License Approximately 6% of the Purchase Price

Mortgage Down Payment – Usually a minimum of 10%, but could be as low as 5%

Mortgage Repayment Period – Up to 30 years or by the time the buyer reaches the age of 65

Mortgage Interest Rate – Between 7.7% to 9%

It’s a great time to invest in property on Bequia.  Economists visiting the island have observed the island is in the early stages of a 10 year economic boom.  The Grenadines is growing in popularity every year with both tourists and those looking to secure themselves a nest egg in one of the most beautiful regions of the world.  The developing tourist industry together with a boom in international trading has helped to improve Government development policies and general welfare facilities on the Grenadines in general.

Finding the Perfect Grenadines Retreat

Properties often have their own private beach and occupy one of the most exclusive locations in the Caribbean.  One such property is this Prime Front Line Villa, currently on sale, and located between two of the most voted for beaches in the world.

If you are looking to invest in the Grenadines, this property offers an impeccable example of the style of property you can hope to make your own.  Featuring signature wooden floors, high wood ceilings, and immaculate fittings this property commands stunning ocean and mountain views.

Take the First Step

If you would like to find out more you can get expert advice on investing in property in the Grenadines and details of available properties from Grenadine Escape Ltd.  Contact Lara Cowan on +44 203 468 5592 or Lucille Cozier on +784 496 0654 for more details about this fabulous opportunity.

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Is now the right time to buy an Overseas Property?

by admin

An overseas property investment is a unique investment and unlike buying property at home. Overseas buyers are generally buying a dream and not a property as this is what the bulk of this market is all about.

Rightmove Overseas recently reported that 42% of the searches on its site were from people that want a permanent relocation, compared with only 12% who were looking at pure investment. Some people, perhaps understandably, often get wrapped up in the quantitative world of rental yields and capital gains and what is going on in the marketplace.  However, experience shows that about 85% of the people that we, as a company, deal with are looking at a lifestyle investment.

Quatro Villa on the Costa Blanca

One of our clients at Altlas International recently broke down in tears at the thought of buying a property in Spain. It had been her life long dream to do so and it was humbling to see an outpouring of emotion when she realised she could now afford to realise her dream having finally retired.

Therefore I always say it is the right time to buy Overseas Property, but people have to look at their own situation to work out whether it is the right time for them. Every day now sees the market strengthening across Europe with exchange rates strengthening almost daily (the pound is at a 20 month high against the Euro), property search figures show far higher search rates than last year (Atlas International search figures show a 35% increase on the same period last year) and sales increasing month on month. The Ministry of Housing in Spain for example has recently reported property sales in the first quarter of 2010 were 7% higher than the same period last year and 17% higher than the last quarter of 2009.

The Overseas Property market is incredibly broad what with a huge variety of countries on offer and therefore there will always be winners and losers. However, certainly the winner at the moment is the market itself. People are regaining confidence and certainly we are seeing more of the attitude “if we are going to have to endure a recession we would rather spend it somewhere hot”

James Dearsley is the European Sales Manager of Atlas International, a family firm who have been involved in the Overseas Property Business for over 30 years now and have helped move more than 75,000 people into their dream homes abroad. For more information about the company visit our website:

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Thinking about buying overseas property?

by admin

In her insightful property blog facts not headlines Kate Faulkner, property consultant and owner of says ‘many people just ‘fall’ into buying property abroad’ while on holiday or by the patter of a salesman at one of those dreaded buy property abroad shows.

If you are thinking about investing or buying property abroad you should read Kate’s essential guide to buying property overseas.

Kate Faulkner is author of Which? property books and a property consultant.  She runs Designs on Property, a property consultancy service based in Oxfordshire, UK.

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