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How much did Sarah Beeny pay for Rise Hall?

by admin

Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve seen Sarah Beeny’s new TV show, Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, which I mentioned in the blog last week.  This tell me two things, 1. its very popular and 2. not many of my friends read my business blog.

Since the last piece we’ve received a deluge of enquires asking ‘How much did Sarah Beeny pay for rise Hall’?  Usually  I refer to the brilliant which instantly tells you the sold price of any house in the UK – from the year 2000 onwards.  And here lieth the problem –  Rise Hall was bought in March 2001 but its sold price is not freely available online.

So to answer the question we went to the the Land Register ( where all property trancsactions are formally registered and recorded.  Records are available to the public (at a charge) and nowadays you can view them online (in the past you had to either go to London or order copies in writing).

So to satisfy your collective curiousity we paid £4 to get a copy of the registration documents of Rise Hall and can reveal that Sarah Beeny’s husband, Graham Swift paid £441,101 for Rise Hall on 16th February 2001 and it is registered solely in his name.

If you want your very own Rise Hall – see what £441,101 would buy you today, which according to would be worth £529,294.18 today taking inflation into account.

Searching for Houses for Sale under £525,000 in Yorkshire on The Big Property List does leave us just over four thousand pounds to spend on any renovations but unfortunately doesn’t offer you much as grand as Rise Hall, but certainly more modern run of the mill dwellings such as a ‘A well presented and extended four bedroom detached family home offering superb living accommodation and located in this highly sought after South side location.This delightful family home is presented in tasteful decorative order throughout.’

Hmmm, not quite the 97 room pile I was looking for thanks.

The after show ‘live chat’ on the Guardian website revealed mixed feelings from viewers, with many viewers and ex-pupils of Rise Hall saying how thrilled there were to see the place being restored.  Others showed an impatience with the show and Ms Beeny at a time when many in the housing market are suffering.

One commenter asked:

‘How does it feel to have contributed so much to the madness of the constipated UK property market by producing endless TV shows that encourage people to become obsessed with the whole thing and are you making this new show now only because the arse has fallen out of the same market and no one can actually buy a decent house to live in anymore – without a TV presenter salary?’

Well, Dimbleby wouldn’t let ’em ask questions like that on question time would he!

Many comments have been deleted by editors and there is no record of Sarah’s responses to the Live chat questions. Either way I enjoyed the programme more than I thought I might and if I happen to be sitting down whilst it’s on this week I will probably watch it.

Catch Sarah Beeny’s Restoration nightmare on channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday.

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