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One Fifth of Kids Expect to Own Their Dream Home by 25

by Sarah Halloran

Remember when you were young and adults asked you what you wanted to be?  Perhaps your answer was a fireman, or maybe an astronaut.  I don’t actually remember anybody asking me when I thought I would own my dream home, or even knowing what my dream home was!  Had I been asked, I probably would have wanted some kind of Barbie’s caravan and Millennium Falcon fusion home!

It seems that many children across the UK have a very optimistic view of when they will become homeowners.  The research carried out by Clydesdale and Yorkshire, found that 19% of children questions believed they would own their dream home by the age of 25.

The research also revealed that 68% of children of primary school age expected to own their dream home by the age of 35 even though 33% thought their dream home would cost them between £500,000 and £1m.  Hey, it’s good to have ambition!

It seems that children in Yorkshire have the brightest outlook with 38% aspiring to own their dream home by the time they turn 25 and 83% by the age of 35.

Steve Reid, retail director for Clydesdale Bank, said: “As any parent knows, children can be very ambitious and it is always refreshing to hear about their hopes and dreams, however optimistic they may be.

“With 59% of kids hoping for a swimming pool and 25% wanting their own private theme park within the grounds, it is unsurprising that over a third of children think that their dream home will set them back in excess of £500,000.”

The study also revealed how 71% of children believe they will earn anything up to £100 a week in their first paid job and 22% thinking they will only earn £10 a week which would mean it would take them over 100 years to save up a deposit for that dream home costing £500,000!

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