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Latest Which? Survey Reveals Mortgage Concern

by Alison Feemantle

In recent weeks there have been many reports of lenders increasing their mortgage rates and there has been plenty of additional discussion about the impact that this may have. Results of a survey from Which? have just been released that highlight consumers concerns over the hike in their monthly charges.

Amidst reports that over a million customers would be facing a collective rise of £300m in mortgage payments, the organisation found that of those surveyed, 70% of mortgage holders are concerned about monthly increases while 14% declared that they were already struggling to meet higher payments.

Which? claim that those worst affected can be put into the bracket known as ‘mortgage prisoners’ – those who are not able to move to another lender for whatever reason.

Of those people surveyed, 41% said that if their mortgage were increased by £50 a month then they would have to cut back on regular household essentials such as food with 11% stating that they simply wouldn’t have enough for the vital areas of the family budget.

The percentages continue to increase in line with potential higher payments and for anyone facing a £100 a month rise, 11% said that they would simply be unable to pay their mortgage.

Which? went on to find some worrying statistics with regards to those already facing up to mortgage debt. The organisation found that an encouraging amount of people in this situation had already contacted their lender but very few were being met with any real help.

“Our advice to anyone struggling with their mortgage repayments is speak to your lender straight away.  It is encouraging that a third of people we spoke to had approached their lender, but, worryingly, in one in five cases, they said their lenders offered no help at all,” said Peter Vicary-Smith, Chief Executive of Which?

“This is just not good enough and we want to see banks do more to help their customers who are struggling. These SVR rises are the consequence of the lack of competition in the market and the failure of the Government to take action to promote competition.

“This is why the new financial regulator, the FCA, needs to be a watchdog not a lapdog. It must stand up for consumers and stand up to the banks.”

This ‘Watchdog not Lapdog’ campaign that Mr Vicary-Smith referred to wants lenders and the FCA to protect their customers against unjustified rate rises and ensure that they are offered options of fixing payments at a reasonable level. Which? also wants lenders not to take advantage of those who are unable to switch mortgages.

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One response to “Latest Which? Survey Reveals Mortgage Concern”

  1. Patricia says:

    Thanks for an insightful article. Unfortunately this exemplifies the problems facing affordable housing in the UK. Those that currently have a mortgage are struggling to maintain payments and those that are hoping to convert from tenant to home owner aren’t able to save up enough equity to be considered for a loan.

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