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Ideas for selling your home online

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When it comes to selling your home you might be considering other options besides enlisting the help of a traditional high street estate agent. If you’re looking to save money you can sell your house fast online and cut out the costly estate agent fees completely – which according to TV presenter and housing mogul Sarah Beeny, is the future.

Beeny set up her own online house selling service, Tepilo, and believes that “in a few years’ time, this will be normal.” So, if you’ve decided to cut the middle man out and take the plunge into the world of selling online here are a few tips to help make things easier:

Use the money you’ll save to update your home

With packages online costing around £500 and promising to sell your house, you could make a saving of thousands of pounds – estate agents will usually take a 1-3% cut of the final sale of your home – which could go towards updating your current home for it to appeal more to buyers. Taking some time to freshly paint tired looking walls, fix wobbly tiles and broken doors and even perhaps renovate the kitchen or bathroom with new cabinet doors or updated appliances, could see you receive the higher asking price on your house and even more cash in your pocket.


Be prepared: You will have to do most of the legwork  

Depending which company you opt to sell with online, you could find yourself doing most of the legwork when it comes to setting prices, arranging viewings and negotiating with buyers. You’ll need to ensure you feel comfortable showing people around your home and what to say to impress them.


You must do your research

Since you’re essentially deciding on the price to list your property for, it’s a good idea to do your research. If you have a unique property such as a barn conversion or a property with an unusual feature – you’ll need to search around to see what similar properties have sold for and base your estimates on that. You don’t want to undervalue your home if what makes it unique also increases its value and can be used as a special selling point.


Consider arranging an open house instead of taking multiple viewings

Organise an open house for people to visit together and view in one day as you can see all your potential buyers at once, saving time and effort. It could also encourage buyers to place offers there and then, and encourage competition which could see a greater chance of you receiving a higher price for your home.


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