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Get Inspired: Redesigning The Theme Of Your Home

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Every now and again your home needs some attention. Whether your tastes have changed, fashion has moved on or you want to breathe life into tired-looking decoration, the need for an interior design project is fairly common.

The trick to getting this right is to ask yourself the right questions… and then work out the answers to them.

What don’t you like now?

This is the important starting point for a home redesign. Get to the heart of why you’re changing and what you want to change. It’s fine just to fancy a change for change’s sake, but it won’t help if you don’t think what exactly you don’t like about your current design or theme. Also, think about any features you’d like to keep and incorporate into your new look.

What are the strengths of my property?

On that point, it’s important to consider what strengths your property has and work out how to enhance them. If your kitchen is your pride and joy, then you can replicate that look in other rooms. Alternatively, if you’ve got a great garden then make the most of the views of this and treat it as a focal point.

Consider the direction your rooms face in detail, this will have a big bearing on the time of day they get the most light, and you might need to address that in whatever theme you choose – for example, light airy decoration for living rooms that get no natural light in the afternoons.

What inspiration can I take from others?

Be nosy. Take an interest in the design deployed by others. Which elements do you like about your friends and families’ homes? Talk to them about their themes and get an insight into how they delivered their look. Then, of course, there is the sheer wealth of help that rests online. Pore over pages online to get inspired.

What can I do to visualise my changes?

It’s all well and good having ideas, but will they work? These six top tools highlighted by Interior Style Hunter will allow you to model some of your ideas so that you can find that out. The more you use these the more you’ll get an idea for what you can do with your space.

What are the latest interior design trends?

Embracing nature is set to be a big trend in 2016 – with strong use of greens, browns and wooden furniture to bring the great outdoors indoors. Why not spend some time exploring how you could update your home in the latest styles? Often one strong basic idea can be all you need to spark you into action.

What’s the secret to getting a strong theme?

Whatever you choose as your design theme, accessories are the absolute key to getting this right. Take time to look through the top quality items on the pages of How To Spend It to unearth fittings and additions that can really set off your design in style. This is the trick to turning a ‘redecoration’ into a ‘redesign’ and a bold, recognisable ‘theme’.

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