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Brighten up your home with a Scandinavian makeover

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This is a sponsored article from Harveys, The Furniture Store.

People have long held a love affair with the balanced style defined by Scandinavian design. Its characteristics of airiness and space make it an exceptionally livable interior scheme, whilst at the same time it remains accessible thanks to its simplicity. Since spring is here, what better excuse can there be to embark on a Scandinavian makeover for your interior?

Scandinavian style isn’t a matter of whitewashing the walls to within an inch of their life, and neither is it an attempt to obtain design magazine levels of perfection. It is about finding your balance of chic, practical living. Follow the fundamentals of colour, aesthetic creativity and harmonious furniture, and you will soon be relaxing in your own small slice of Stockholm.

Unless you have unresolved issues with hoarding, switching to Scandinavian is easier than you might think. Remember, this is not minimalism. There is no need to de-clutter for no good reason. Think equal parts busy and equal parts quiet. By all means parade your collectable thimbles or that set of match programmes from the 1961 season, but make sure you juxtapose against pastel shaded walls or display in spacious cabinets.

Light pastel shades and white walls are not essential parts of the Scandinavian look but they help. Going gentle on the partitions means that the bold colours and patterns are liberated to pop in bursts elsewhere. Once again it is that equilibrium between quiet and busy.

A difficult moment when transforming the interior of one’s home, comes when it is time to confront your soft spots. Whether it is the creaking old rocking chair in the corner or the well-loved armchair in front of the flat screen, sometimes things have to go. At this point a trip to the furniture store is the quickest way to cheer yourself up as you choose your next comfort companion.

Keep the key characteristics of Scandinavian design in mind when it comes to looking at new sofas and chairs. Large and bulky is out, contemporary and clean is in. Pick a suitable colour to match the scheme of your walls and your sofa will become a focal part of your living room.

Your home’s assimilation into a haven of contemporary Northern European living does not stop in the living room though. With some creative decorating, the kitchen can follow. Wooden worktops add a rustic effect, high stools create contemporary flair and exposed metal will cool the whole room.

Finish with a flourish of personal touches. Employ your own decorative aesthetic brand remembering the Scandinavian penchant for peculiar sculpture, weird wall hangings and oversized clocks. Or just make do with a pastel striped rug thrown across varnished floorboards.

Scandinavian countries often top the charts for standard of living, just think, with a simple North European makeover you might begin reaping the benefits too.

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