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Would a Rose by any other name smell so sweet?

by James Cole

It amused me a few weeks ago to read about an estate agent in Brighton who had sent his staff on a poetry course to inspire their descriptions and liven up particulars.  At the other end of the scale one estate agent has been well known for his brutal honesty ; with prose such as ‘Dear God, it’s difficult to imagine a more disgusting house than this’.  Too far?

2 bedroom flat with box room

This week a description from Your Move for a 2 bed flat for sale in Dumfries caught my eye when the description included reference to a ‘box room’.

Surely they mean cosy, snug, tidily proportioned.  I must admit I quite like things called as they are. You can call it a handheld earth removal tool but when I see it, I’ll know it’s a spade.

I’d definately buy a house from someone like this, and knowing that, I’d probably sell a house with someone like this.

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One response to “Would a Rose by any other name smell so sweet?”

  1. Tina says:

    A bit of honesty is a rare thing in this world and should be admired – especially from an estate agent!

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