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What’s in a Number? Why Living at No. 13 Could Save You Money

by Sarah Halloran

What’s in a house number?  Well, it all depends how superstitious you are.  Whilst many hotels have avoided using the number 13 for their room numbers, there are many streets with a house brandishing the number 13 on the front door.  There are also many streets without a number 13 such is the mistrust of this number.  However, what might be unlucky for some might be lucky for others.

Whilst superstition about the number 13 might seem a little irrational many of us do believe that this number will bring bad luck and misfortune.  But did you know that houses with this number are likely to be worth £4000 less than their identical neighbouring houses?

A recent study looking into the value of all properties in the UK found the average price of a ‘number 13’ home as being £205,085 whilst neighbouring houses were priced at £209,009.  These houses were identical all apart from the number on the door.

The number 13 has been associated with bad luck for many centuries and even has a phobia named after it – those suffering from ‘triskaidekaphobia’ are petrified of the number 13 and all that it might represent.

Some house builders are permitted to leave the number out of new council housing developments.  Lewes District in East Sussex says the number 13 can be omitted from plans if specifically requested.

The findings on home value come in research from property website It said that for those looking to buy a house and who do not care about a number -purchasing an address at number 13 is a chance to save a tidy sum.

There are many reasons why the number 13 is considered less than lucky, but in some countries the number is very lucky.  If you are property hunting, not particularly superstitious and looking for a bargain then number 13 might be for you.  If you are one to not walk under ladders, open an umbrella indoors or put shoes on the table then number 13 is to be avoided!

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