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The Inside Edge website to launch in October 09

by admin

This blog has been the fore-runner to the full website which will allow UK property owners to market and sell their own home without the services of an Estate Agent.

We’re delighted to announce that the website will be launched very soon, and to celebrate the launch we’ll be offering a standard advertising package (usually £49.99) for FREE whilst the site is growing. This will allow you to upload up to 5 photos and a detailed description of the house and area for interested buyers to view. You will also be able to order a competitively priced Home Information Pack, a For Sale sign and value for money conveyancing services.

In the meantime you can visit the site and register your interest to be notified when the site goes live.

Now, those people willing to conduct viewings and negotiate directly with buyers will now have access to the same knowledge and marketing materials that estate agents use, and will save themselves thousands of pounds in fees. The British public have long questioned the practices and value of estate agents in the sale process but until recently there has been no viable alternative. The age of the internet has seen a shift in buying and selling behaviour and a growing number of people use the internet to research buying decisions from houses to mobile phones and televisions.

We believe that no-one will sell your house as effectively as you. You know the area, you know the house and you know the benefits to living there. And now you have the tools to market the property, with TBPL For Sale signs and the ability to add your property advert to national property portals like and

Things are getting better!

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