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The danger of cheesy property jingles

by James Cole

Last week we we spent some time putting together self-nominations for a couple of property awards taking place this year.  As a relatively new property portal we don’t expect a major scoop but we do have credibility applying for categories such as best content (we’ll you’re reading this aren’t you?).

Once we started listing our achievements and quantifying them, it made us realise how far we’d come, and was quite a motivational process for the whole team.

To further lighten the mood in the office we created a jingle to go with our nomination.  What a mistake.

I try not to listen to local radio purely to avoid cheesy jingles and adverts and this one takes the biscuit.  It made me laugh so hard i had to listen to it three times – and then it was stuck in my head all weekend.  This wouldn’t have been such a problem but I took part in a 5o mile bike ride with nothing else to think about for 3.5 hours than the stupid Big Property List jingle going round in my head.  Apparently the Germans call a tune like this an ear worm.

For your enjoyment (and torture):  Listen to The Big Property List Jingle


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2 Responses to “The danger of cheesy property jingles”

  1. Rob Haswell says:

    Dear god that is terrible did you pay money for that?

  2. admin says:

    We asked for it! We said to make us laugh, and it did.

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