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Take the Stress Out of Moving Day

by Sarah Halloran

Here’s a guide that will move you, quite literally!  If you’re soon to be moving house then it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get all of your things from here to there.  The most sensible option, especially if you have a lot to move, is to hire a removals company.  You should never underestimate the time and effort it takes to move the contents of your home.  It’s not all about putting things into boxes.

Consider how many rooms are in your house.  If you live in a one bedroom flat then you may well be able to move yourself using a rental van, but if you live in anything bigger, then you really should consider hiring a professional removals company.  Packing boxes is one thing, but hauling heavy or fragile furniture, taking items apart and assembling them at the other end, and dealing with valuable items can be a much more challenging prospect.

Choosing a removals company can also be a challenge, but you can often find a wealth of companies either online or the good old Yellow Pages.  It’s worth asking around as most people have moved home at one stage so you may get some good recommendations.

Pricing It Up

It’s important that you get more than one quote for removals.  You’d be surprised how much the rate can differ and the services also vary quite wildly.  For example, some companies offer a complete packing service where you don’t need to even worry about taking items out of cupboards or out of the loft and this is a great option if you are in full-time employment or have young children around.  You simply leave the packing to your removals company and they handle everything!  Of course, this kind of service comes at a price, but could take a lot of stress out of the removals process.

Oh, one more thing about the quotation stage.  Make sure that a representative from each company visits your home.  Most good companies will insist on doing this anyway.  Any company that says they can give you a quote before first seeing how much they will be moving or discussing any special requirements is probably best avoided.

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

It’s essential that your removals company has all the required insurance in place before they move you.  Most companies will provide you with dedicated moving insurance which covers you against any breakages or loss of property whilst in transit from your old home to your new home.  It might also be worth calling out your home insurance company to check whether your property is insured whilst in transit.

Check Out Accreditation

Avoid those rogue traders!  Check that your chosen removals company is a member of the British Association of Removers or The National Guide of Removers and Storers.  These particular organisations are committed to ensuring removal companies across the UK provide outstanding services that comply with a range of industry regulations.

Special Requirements

If you have any particularly large items of furniture, for example wardrobes or a super king-size bed that needs to be taken apart, these jobs might be costed separately.  That’s why it’s important that you arrange a home visit with a removals representative.  You might also have valuable items such as paintings, antiques or jewellery that need to be dealt with away from your other items.  Many removals companies are expert in handling these items and won’t even blink an eye if you mention an old family heirloom worth thousands of pounds.  It’s all in a day’s work for these guys!

Speaking of a day’s work, most removals companies will always aim to have your move completed on the same day.  In fact most removals are completed before 2pm on the same day as long as transactions have gone smoothly.

Hiring a removals company is a very sensible idea if you are moving home with lots of furniture.  They will ensure each items is adequately protected and that all areas of your new home are protected when your items are being moved in.  The result is total peace of mind and less stress once moving day comes around.

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