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Mary Portas on Estate Agents

by admin

Mary wants to start a revolution in the world of estate agents begins the Channel Four introduction to Mary Portas’ latest episode in her Secret Shopper series.  Good luck Mary is what I say, many have set out on that path.  Including most estate agents.

Despite the cliches and common gripes of buyers and sellers, Estate Agents play a valuable role in the transaction of houses.

Sure there are good ones and bad ones, like any industry, and no they’re not as heavily regulated and qualified as members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, but they get houses sold.

The show airs tonight (9 Feb 2011) at 9pm and judging by previous episodes in the series we’re in for some punchy scenes as Mary tells another small businessman how it is.  Estate Agents come in for a lot of flack in general and I don’t expect tonight to be any different.

A few cliches to listen out for:

‘buying a house is the biggest decision/ biggest investment you’ll make in your life’

‘sellers always think their house is worth more than it is’

‘there’s another buyer interested but for£2k more then the seller will accept your offer’

        I like Mary.  She says it how it is, but not everyone likes that and she has a very combative communication style – perfect for making small business owners hop up and down and get defensive (or reclusive – like one restaurant owner I seem to remember).  I don’t think many Estate Agents would want her coming round to tell them what to do.  But her ideas, passion – yes please.

        If you watched the show last night let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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