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Tenants and Landlords Urged to Be ‘Gas Safe’ This Winter

by Sarah Halloran

As the winter months approach, we’ll all be reaching for the heating controls to turn up the heat.  This week marked Gas Safety Week, a drive to remind the public about the importance of safety measures and checks where gas is concerned.

So, what can landlords and tenants do to ensure they keep safe this winter?  The HAS Gas Safety Statistics 09/10 reported that a total of 10 people died due to gas related accidents and incidents across the UK last year and that a further 330 needed hospital treatment.  With that statistic in mind, it hits home how important it is to carry out regular checks and that applies to tenants, landlords and homeowners.  Landlords and building owners are legally responsible to arrange annual safety checks and necessary maintenance and should ensure all works are completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If you are a tenant and think you might have a problem with a gas appliance, get onto your landlord immediately.  They have a legal obligation to arrange emergency assistance and should provide assurances that the matter is in hand as quickly as possible.

These checks will help to ensure that pipes, appliances and flues are in a safe condition, all gas equipment is safe prior to letting, and that gas safety records are maintained for the property.  Checks also ensure that potential problems are spotted and rectified before a major incident can occur.  Leaking gas and unsafe appliances are a very real hazard and can kill it not attended to immediately.

Paul Johnston, chief executive at Gas Safe Register said: “Every year, far too many people suffer from preventable gas related accidents, such as gas leaks, explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If maintained and installed properly, gas appliances are safe. If neglected, gas appliances can kill.”

It’s so important that you use Gas Safe registered engineers.  These industry experts have undergone rigorous training and assessment and have the skills and expertise to spot problems and deal with them safely and completely.  Before you employ any engineer it is essential that you check their ID and you can also check them out on the Gas Safe website.

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