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Sarah Beeny endorses private house sales

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Celebrity property developer Sarah Beeny, best known for her channel 4 television show Property Ladder, has implicitly endorsed the private house sale route by launching her own For Sale By Owner website Tepilo. On the website, property owners will be able to list a property for sale, access advice and guidance and manage the negotiation process online. Much the same as

Ms Beeny already runs a dating website, and has published a range of books about property development.

TBPL owner James Cole said today:

‘ welcomes more quality competition in the For Sale by Owner market, especially from recognisable professionals such as Sarah Beeny. This can only serve to raise awareness amongst property sellers in the UK that there is a viable and legitimate alternative to selling a house through an estate agent.

Currently something like 1 in 10 people in the UK sell their own home without an estate agent, saving thousands in fees, and are very satisfied with the outcome – this compares to over 40% in the United States so we have some catching up to do!’

Interestingly James and Sarah studied at the same college in Basingstoke although not concurrently.

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