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Private House Sales in the press again

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A friend of mine drew my attention to an article in the Independant on Sunday last weekend about selling your house privately, if you want to read the article you can find it here.

To be honest it doesn’t say much that hasn’t already been said in the press and includeds the obligatory quote from the For Sale by Owner market’s willing talisman, Sarah Beeny. Sarah has done a brilliant job explaining to the public that there is another way and that it is possible to sell your house without an estate agent.

Its good to see continuing press coverage about private house sales as many people I speak to still don’t even realise it’s possible. Most peope worry about the negotiation or the ‘legal bits’. This is where an estate agent can come in handy but also they can complicate the negotiation as they are an interested party – after all no sale no fee! So if the price is less thatn you want but the potential buyer won’t offer more – of course the estate agent will push you to accept the offer. His job is to make the sale, come hell or high water.

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2 responses to “Private House Sales in the press again”

  1. Interesting article – thanks for sharing.

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