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Have you Seen Sarah Beeny’s new TV show?

by admin

If you haven’t, you can catch Sarah Beeny‘s Restoration Nightmare on channel four on thursdays at 8pm.

In her new series Sarah tackles the 97 room Georgian Mansion she bought ten years ago with her husband, a property developer himself,  in an attempt to restore it to its former glory and to make it a venue for weddings and events.

Channel four says:

‘It’s time for Sarah Beeney to practice what she preaches as she tries to save a stately home in Yorkshire from ruin.  Rise Hall has been home to Sarah, her husband Graham and their ever-expanding family for the last ten years.’

Sarah Beeny is best known for her TV series Property Ladder and last year launched private houses sales website Tepilo, which helps individuals market their house online without an Estate Agent.

Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare on channel four

Does this prove the national obsession with property is no less strong than pre-2007?  Or is this more ‘aspiration media’ – watching someone do what we’d like to do, without the effort or glory?  Like River Cottage and Eat Love Pray however, you wonder if its really possible for most folks to take on this type of experience without TV/ book income.

If you have seen Sarah Beeny’s new show feel free to share your review or comments below.

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4 responses to “Have you Seen Sarah Beeny’s new TV show?”

  1. Property ladder is one in a million you cant compare any other program to it, utterly fantastic to watch and this show is its little sister.

  2. cecil says:

    A good show. 500k budget?? Doubtful

  3. […] keeps asking me if I’ve seen Sarah Beeny’s new TV show, Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, which I mentioned in the blog last week.  This tell me two things, 1. its very popular and 2. not […]

  4. Anna says:

    Hi to sarah and family,
    im a big fan of sarah, in the house program!!property ladder.
    i liked very much to watch rise hall restoration she did so well to get the result she wanted i was on my edge of my seat, when they came around the week before the wedding i was hoping all would go well for her first wedding its nerv racking i myself as a wedding planner,
    please can you farwould email address to sarah beeny many thanks

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