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Going Going Gone!

by Sarah Halloran

If you are thinking of buying a property at auction it’s a great time to do so.  There are a huge amount of opportunities on the market right now and more and more people are turning to auctions in order to sell a property quickly or snap up a bargain.  The slow market and increasing number of houses being repossessed has resulted in a dramatic surge in auction sales and it’s good know the advantages as well as the risks involved with buying a property this way.

Where to Look

You can find out about local and national auctions through estate agents, newspapers, and our online property auctions directory.  Many auctions are also advertised by the roadside so look out for signs advertising local auctions.  If you are buying in a new area it is a good idea to do some research before you decide which auctions to attend.  There is plenty of information online that can assist you so that you don’t make any hasty decisions.

On the Day of Auction

Before you head off to the auction house, it’s a good idea to call up to make sure any property you are interested in bidding on has not already been sold or has been withdrawn.  You should also ensure you have your deposit to hand – many auction houses accept cash or cheques, but it’s best to check beforehand.  You will normally need 2 forms of identification in order to register.

Once you have been issued with your bidding number you’re ready to get started.  If you are interested in a particular lot it’s important to stay calm once bidding commences.  You should already have a maximum price that you are prepared to pay for the property and make sure you stick to this figure.  Many people get carried away by the bidding process and have bid well over the odds as a result.  It’s a good idea to gauge interest in the property before you start bidding yourself.

All lots up for auction will have a reserve price which is the minimum price the sells is prepared to accept on a property.  This figure is not disclosed, but if bidding doesn’t reach this figure the property owner may well decide not to sell on the day for anything less.  However, the guide price (that is the price the property is expected to sell for) should give you a rough idea of what the reserve price may be and hopefully this figure is in line with what you are prepared to pay.  Otherwise you may be in for some touch negotiations with the buyer or lose out on the property completely.

Tips for Bidding at Auction

Buying or selling a property at auction has a host of benefits and is becoming more and more popular across the UK.  As long as you stick to the golden rules below you should find the process enjoyable and very rewarding.

  • Always research the property you are interested in fully
  • Make sure you have your finances in order and the required deposit (usually 10%)
  • Get to the auction house early to register and take stock of the environment
  • When bidding commences, don’t get carried away – remember your budget!
  • Bidding can be intimidating so try to stay calm and focused

More information on property auctions in the UK can be found in the resources section on The Big Property
List website.

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