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A splash of paint makes a big difference when selling

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Have you ever noticed how a colour can make you feel something? Perhaps not; for many of us the hues in our homes go largely unnoticed unless we strongly object to them. But it’s worth paying attention to. Dr Julia Shugar warns that, ‘room colour, particularly in your home, can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions’.

For this reason, the shades we paint our walls hold a lot of selling power. Before you decide to update the exterior of your house using masonry paint (such as from or are simply giving your bedroom a makeover, check out what colours do to you first… (just note that these interpretations are open to subjectivity, gender and cultural differences).


Green is restorative and calming. It reminds us of the abundance of shades found in nature, and is very good for creating a sense of balance and composure. Ever noticed how hospital waiting rooms are painted in various shades of green? They’re painted green because they help patients to relax at a time when they’re likely to be very anxious. Therefore, experts recommend using green paints and patterns in any room where you want to evoke the feeling of winding down, such as your living room, bedroom or bathroom.



Red is lively and stimulating, which is why it’s used in branding for products like Coca Cola and fast food chains like McDonald and KFC. Red can increase your appetite and encourages people to consume things more quickly, which is why you’ll find this colour in places where food is sold or consumed. Take a look next time you’re out for dinner: red is evident in many restaurants up and down the county! If you’re going to decorate using red, do so in moderation. Red is best in areas where interaction and energy are encouraged, such as the dining room and kitchen.



Blue has a reputation for being a serene, soothing colour, which is why it’s so often used in spas. However, it’s important to get the shade right: a blue which is too cool for the kind of light available can have a sterile, chilly effect when applied to a wall. Blue is also thought to be the least appetising of colours, as true ‘blue’ rarely occurs in nature (even blueberries and plums are shades of purple!). For this reason, some weight loss plans recommend eating from a blue plate. Blue is calming however, and can lower a person’s pulse rate and body temperature, so add it to your bathroom and bedroom.


The effect of coloured ceilings

The fifth wall in a room is often overlooked and simply painted white. This is normally a good idea as a lighter ceiling with darker wall makes ceilings appear higher and brighter than they actually are, boosting our moods with what we perceive to be extra light and space. However, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls can create a rich and full atmosphere, which is a mood well-suited to bathrooms where the occupant feels relaxed due the sense of being enveloped.

See? A splash of paint can make a big difference.

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