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1 in 4 Brits fear base rate rises

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A QUARTER of British homeowners are worried about Bank of England base rates going up, after an 18 month period of 0.5 per cent rates, according to research from

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee is expected to hold base rate at 0.5 per cent at their monthly meeting in just over a week’s time, marking more than 18 months of no change.

At their September meeting, eight members of the Committee voted to keep the base rate at 0.5 per cent, but Andrew Sentance voted against, preferring an increase in Bank Rate of 25 basis points.

Interest rates will have to start rising at some point and the research found that one in four people are worried about the impact this would have on their finances.

Here’s an infographic with some key figures:

base rate rises infographic

As you can see – with the argument is taken to its conclusion i.e. if base rates were to return to pre-credit-crunch levels, average monthly payments could rocket by up to £563 (based on someone with a £150000 interest-only mortgage on a 2.5 per cent SVR and a base rate increase of 4.5 per cent.)

However, 52 per cent of 1192 people polled said they would welcome base rate rises to give their savings a boost.

Kevin Mountford, head of banking at said: “Low interest rates have been fantastic for a large proportion of UK homeowners and subsequently many people have become used to more disposable income each month.

“However, a Base Rate rise will push up mortgage rates forcing many families to reign in their spending – potentially causing financial problems for many.

“As the poll shows, homeowners are clearly worried about the negative effects of a Base Rate rise. Whilst it is expected that the Base Rate will creep up slowly, consumers need to understand the effect this will have on their finances and plan accordingly.”

Mark Hooson is a personal finance writer for, specialising in savings, credit and debt.


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2 responses to “1 in 4 Brits fear base rate rises”

  1. Andy Rodgerson says:

    It really shows what a useless bunch of muppets many of our population have become. A prudent person would regard 6% as low, and plan for rates as high as 12%. It tells you as much on the BBC’s mortgage rate calculator.

    0.5% should feel like plain sailing for everyone, and any rise up to 6% should still feel easy to cope with. But saving and living within your means just isn’t within most people’s ability today – nor is doing without.

    What I want to ask is: are these people fit to have the vote? If they can’t even manage their own finances, what on earth is the value of their contribution in selecting governments?

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what labour’s plan was all along – fill the country with dependancy so they’d always vote for a government that was forever willing to bail them out.

  2. Belliah says:

    Interesting fact. thanks for the info!

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